West Conshohocken is “hometown USA”  The community of only one square mile ensure that everyone is a true neighbor.


Incorporated in 1874, West Conshohocken Borough was originally given to William Penn as part of “The Penn Peace Treaty of 1683.”  The name Conshohocken is a derivative of the Leni-Lenapi Indian word meaning “The Place of Long Fine Land” which today is interpreted as “Pleasant Valley.”  The area was also known for a superior quality and highly-sought-after stone mined there, called Conshohocken or Merion Blue stone.  West Conshohocken continues on in that tradition to be a great place to work and live with a rock solid foundation.



West Conshohocken was ranked #1 in “Best Suburbs in America” by Niche & Philadelphia Magazines, in this report released June 9, 2015.  West Conshohocken came in first out of over 11,300 US suburbs reviewed.  You can see the criteria and methodology here which was used to objectively rank the communities.



Urban living with a hometown feel – this community of one-square-mile ensures that everyone is a true neighbor.  West Conshohocken is centrally located with direct access to Interstates 76 and 476, mere minutes from the PA Turnpike, the Route 202 and Route 30 corridors, and Interstate 95 which runs from Maine to Florida.  Your day could take you downtown to Center City Philadelphia, to the expansive shopping district in King of Prussia or the bucolic countryside in Lancaster.  You will be just minutes away from the Main Line and historic Valley Forge, and can plan easy weekend getaways to the New Jersey beaches, winter skiing in the Poconos, or excursions to New York City, Baltimore or Washington, DC.

Located in the middle of two SEPTA rail lines, the R6 Regional Rail and the Route 100 High Speed Line both serve this area well.  The R6 station is across the Schuylkill River and runs from 30th street to Norristown, and the Route 100 High Speed Line is situated on Matsonford Rd at the west end of town and runs from 69th Street to Norristown (with future expansion planned to King of Prussia).  All of this makes West Conshohocken arguably the most convenient suburb in America and with world-class living, dining, entertainment, shopping, sports and history are all around.



Ready to break away?  The Schuylkill River Trail provides the perfect escape for a quick run, bike ride with friends, a leisurely walk or a hike next to the river.  Enter across the Fayette Street bridge and running along the eastern bank of the Schuylkill River from Philadelphia to Parkesburg (West of Valley Forge Park) for over 30 miles.  The trail is also used as a commuter trail east into Manayunk and Center City and west to Norristown.  Currently, 60 of the planned 130 miles of trail are completed, and future expansion will allow direct on-trail access to Harrisburg, historic Gettysburg and the Appalachian Trail without using surface streets.



West Conshohocken is quietly nestled near the King of Prussia Mall, the largest shopping mall in America, and the Historic Main Line, with its one-of-a-kind boutiques.  Each option has its own personality, charm and local flavor and are within a minutes of your front door.



Independence Hall…the Liberty Bell…the Constitution Center.  The country began here, with many quaint locales that date back to the founding fathers.  Valley Forge National Park is just minutes away.  There is no shortage of many pedestrian-friendly historic town centers to bring history alive again.



Philadelphia has long been a “foodie haven” with many popular items that become part of the country’s favorite foods.  In addition to the beloved soft pretzels, locals vie for the title of “Best Cheesesteaks” or “Best Hoagies.”  West Conshohocken, Conshohocken, and the Main Line have hundreds of dining-out options…whether casual or formal.  A short list of local spots follows below, but with its central location it is close to anywhere your culinary wishes want to go.

These local restaurants are all within walking distance

West Conshohocken:

  • Baggataway tavern
  • Gypsy Rose
  • Stella Blu
  • Keystone Pizza


  • Great American Pub
  • Flanagan’s Boathouse
  • Lucky Dog Saloon and Grill
  • Fayette Street Grille
  • El Limon
  • Trattoria Totaro’s
  • Bar Lucca
  • Blackfish
  • Spring Mill Café
  • Conshohocken Brewing Company
  • Perreroncini Restaurant and Bar
  • Southern Cross
  • Coyote Crossing

The West At Applemoore

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